Salt Sugar Fat by Michael Moss. Read it and weep.

A bit of cultural history, relevant for vg1 social issues, vg2 advertising and media, vg3 social studies corporate culture, vg3 global cultural influence…

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Salt Sugar Fat

Read June 2014
Recommended for people who eat
★    ★    ★    ★     1/2

We rarely get in the situation where our body and brain are depleted of nutrients and are actually in need of replenishment. Rather, he discovered, we are driven to eat by other forces in our lives. Some of these are emotional needs, while others reflect the pillars of processed food: first and foremost taste, followed by aroma, appearance, and texture.

If you eat food, you should read this book.  Sugar Salt Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us caused a very conflicted reaction in me, because although American capitalism is founded on the principle of caveat emptor, the vast majority of people have never been given the tools and information to make informed decisions. And when the government, and by extension, public schools, align themselves with the food giants, surely it…

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