English is an obligatory subject through the entire compulsory education, and one year of higher education in Norway. Why not make all 3 years of sixth form college obligatory? Since the K06 reform, the number of students taking English has dropped, and students majoring in maths and science can usually not fit it into their schedules. Yet, the need for a high level of English competence has only increased at Norwegian universities and workplaces.

Maybe the new conservative government, with its favored-friend status in the USA, will start to think about changing this. If so, it could be the one good thing they accomplish.


Like? What’s to LIKE about it?

The Opinion Pages|Letters Like, if You Can’t Beat ’Em, Join ’Em? APRIL 10, 2014 Credit Christian Northeast To the Editor: Re “Like, Degrading the Language? No Way,” by John McWhorter (Sunday Review, April 6): Books and articles on language always pique my interest. I have to confess, though, that I am an inveterate stickler for … Continue reading Like? What’s to LIKE about it?

English & Cultural Identity

A post-colonial debate rages… in African countries, in India… what role does the English language have in perpetuating a country’s colonial inferiority complex and dividing class?

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