Top Five Reasons to Read Aloud to Older Kids

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When my children were little, storytime was a high-ranking ritual on my Mommy List. I wanted to foster a love of reading in my children, so from the time they were babies until third grade, I always read a book to them before bedtime.

We want our kids to get excited about reading, and to gain the skills needed to read independently. We are proud when they start reading chapter books, and encourage them to read on their own.

After a hiatus of reading to my novel-loving daughter, we set out on The Story Road together. I revisited some of my childhood favourites with Teagan, then had fun discussing the topics that came up in the stories. Reading aloud to her was a rewarding experience for both of us.

Here are the top five reasons why parents should read to their middle-grade children:

5.     Older kids may not have…

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Will MOOCs be Flukes?

MOOCs and online education are a technology with potentially revolutionary implications—but without a precise plan for realizing that potential.


Here is another side issue, or perhaps it is a central issue that has been pushed to the side: There is an ongoing decline in academic standards where, according to the Norwegian union of academic writers (NFFO), professors are no longer given publishing credit for their work that is used in MOOCS. Anything that is free is not considered juryed for tenure. At the same time, academic print journals are in the hands of global education companies who charge $3500 to even read and consider an article  for publication. And professors are being reduced to the unstable and temporary status of adjunkt at many American universities. This is not a bright future for education. 

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F.B.I. Confirms a Sharp Rise in Mass Shootings Since 2000

A report released by the F.B.I. on Wednesday confirmed what many Americans had feared but that law enforcement officials had never documented: mass shootings have risen dramatically in the past half-dozen years.


Shocking number of mass shootings.

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Is Facebook banning drag queens who are not using their legal names on their accounts?


A strange twist on the ubiquitous Big Brother FB knowing everything about you.


So, is FB trying to get more business accounts or is there a morality issue at play here?

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Photograph shows a rare, recently discovered trans-species of human-dog hybrid.


The rumor and hysteria is not important here, but the artwork itself, as part of a Patricia Piccinini show, We Are Family, is. Her project is based in the question, What is normal?

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